Psychometric Properties of the Georgian Versions of the Big Five Questionnaires.

Martskvishvili, K., Sordia, N., Neubauer, A. (2020). Psychometric Properties of the Georgian
Versions of the Big Five Questionnaires. Georgian Psychological Journal, 1, 7-29.

The goal of the study is to examine the psychometric properties of the Georgian versions of the Big
Five Inventory (BFI; John & Strivastava, 1999) and the Ten Item Personality Inventory (TIPI; Gosling,
Rentfrow, & Swann, 2003), the two instruments measuring the Big Five model. 866 individuals participated in the study examining the Georgian version of BFI and 377 individuals in the development of
the Georgian version of TIPI. According to the results, the factor structure of both instruments replicates
the five-factor model observed in other cultures. The reliability coefficients correspond to the minimum
levels recommended for personality questionnaires/inventories. However, these levels turned out to be
lower for TIPI. The instrument validity is proved by their logical correlations with the theoretically
relevant constructs, namely with the Six-Factor model, aversive personality traits, and emotional intelligence. We can conclude that due to the factor structure, expected relationships with other constructs and
statistical significance, the Georgian versions of both instruments measuring the Big Five can be used
for future research.

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