About me


I am professor of differential psychology at the University of Graz. I am researching individual differences in human behavior, with a focus on human abilities like intelligence, creativity, practical, emotional and social intelligences but also more specific competencies like leadership styles, specific competence profiles of apprentices etc.

In my research I want to learn, what causes these individual differences in human talents (by using also neuroscience methods). In addition, from a practical viewpoint, I want to study how human talents on one side interact with each other (e.g. intelligence and creativity) and on the other interact with personality traits like the big five (e.g. conscientiousness) and professional interests in producing outcomes like professional satisfaction and success.

In addition to my scientific work I always considered science-to-public very important. I have published two books on Intelligence (with Elsbeth Stern); my new book on the ‘blind spot’ in the self-perception of abilities  will appear next spring. In addition to > 100 articles, interviews, commentaries etc. in the media, I have presented my work in many public talks, keynote lectures, workshops etc. Over more than a decade I have served as a scientific counselor to a talent development program in the province of Lower Austria.

Personally I have at heart the development of psychology as a field, which is why I served as president of two international societies (ISSID, ISIR) and currently serve as president of the Austrian Society of Psychology (ÖGP).

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions about my work